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Her Brand

Tamara Taylor, known in the industry as Thee Mastermind, is a self-sufficient entrepreneur who continues to blaze new trails for success. She works with and for people from all walks of life who desire to be successful entrepreneurs but lack proper guidance to explore and exploit their potential. Her goal is to help individuals identify their skills of gold and assist them on their professional journeys. She believes that when you couple your skills with your passion, you THRIVE.

Her Story

From a young age, I have always wanted to fend for myself financially.

This pushed my drive and hustle to be unmatched. My urge to be self-dependent helped me land my first job by the 7th grade. This was just the beginning, though. By the time I graduated from the University of Miami, I had over 20 unique work experiences. (Yes, I have always been a workaholic lol.)

Being super curious, and never quite finding my niche, I started exploring diverse career opportunities. None of them satisfied the crave that I didn’t identify as an “entrepreneurial spirit” until years later. Having a life changing experience that sparked my boycott of working in Corporate America, and serendipitously meeting a creative who could benefit from my unique skill set, I was pretty much forced into the lane of entrepreneurship.

In 2013, I made my first Google search on “how to start a business.” The search results led me down the rabbit hole of learning about entity types and so much more, which, quite frankly, was overwhelming at the time.

But, only the weak tap out, right?

Well, life hasn’t always been kind to me. Overcoming struggles, both personally and professionally, helped me build resilience. I faced some major hurdles that have shaped me into the woman I am today. My hunger for financial freedom kept growing, and it paved the way for me to build a successful business. Through many trials and errors, this ultimately led me to a career as a manager in the fashion and beauty industry that I’ve nurtured through my company, also under a Mastermind brand.

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Her Purpose

While managing the careers of some of the biggest names in glam and grooming, most of whom are 1st generation successful entrepreneurs, I discovered that my gold is having the ability to provide people with real information in a relatable way. Whether it was translating corporate language from huge brands, helping them build legitimate businesses for their creative passions, or assisting them with sourcing their team of trusted professionals, my value was recognized as “the mind behind the masterpiece.” I was the secret weapon behind the scenes of their thriving careers.

As I began working beyond the fashion and beauty niche, I discovered that the pain points of aspiring entrepreneurs were the same, regardless of industry. I realized that there was an overlooked community of people just like me, just like my clients, who could benefit from what my experiences allow me to bring to the table. 

After much hesitancy (and lowkey fear lol) I determined that the satisfaction of assisting others from underprivileged backgrounds outweighs my comfort of living behind the scenes. As Thee Mastermind, my commitment is to provide people with resources that I didn’t have, in hopes of easing their entrepreneurial intimidation. I decided to lead by example and couple my passions of organization, resourcefulness and helping marginalized communities with my experience in order to help actualize the dreams of talented entrepreneurs who are often overlooked.

I strongly believe the purpose is to profit from your passion. I urge you to take that daunting leap! I trust that you will become a successful entrepreneur by identifying your skills and coupling them with your passion. Thee Mastermind is committed to being your trusted resource along the way.

Specializing in:

Business management, professional development, and advisory for entertainment, beauty, and fashion styling creatives.

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  • Business Management for Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Professional Development for Entertainment, Beauty, and Fashion Professionals
  • Business Advisory Services for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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